Kristoff Steinruck's artistic practice integrates installation, video, sculpture, photography, and performance. His work is influenced by an interest in nature and science, speculative fiction, film, and conceptual art. In his installations, the lines between image and object, documentation and fiction, place and non-place, are blurred—people and objects are seen as floating in an alternate state outside of current time—a place where landscape, object, image, is seen as alien or other.

Using a research-based approach to art making, Steinruck's work has frequently used geological phenomena as a subject, with a specific interest in geologic or deep time. These works have investigated an experience of deep time through performance and sculpture which is documented in video and photography producing a stratification of formal approaches to the subject in the installation.

Presently, his artistic research is focused on technology obsolescence, mycology, and non-human subjectivity through the production of film and video works. Like all of Steinruck's work, this research is concerned with the metaphorical power of objects and images to represent complex concepts such as multiple states of time, place, and narrative.