CRT is a short video piece starring the ubiquitous recently outdated CRT television. This familiar object seen reposing abandoned in alleyways and on roadsides comes back to life for an audio visual performance of some of its favorite programming. Set in a back alley somewhere in North America amidst others of its kind, the CRT television has seemingly decided to fight back against its status as a result of the excesses of consumer society, technology fetishism, and the invisibility of its identity as e-waste.

The audio visual performance given by the televisions can be interpreted on more than one level. On the one hand, it could be viewed as a unique image and sound composition using trailing edge technology—an ephemeral sculptural installation within a site-specific context. On the other hand, the work is an analog for the contemporary mode of consuming multiple sources of information simultaneously, or the fragmented and limited attention span noted as a hallmark attribute of contemporary consciousness. As a third possibility it could likewise be seen as a metaphoric display of the subjective reality of lonely objects isolated from the network of human interaction being undesirable in the consumer electronics market.

CRT , 2014

HD video, sound, 5:16